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9-Piece Recovery Kit

A Recovery Kit is a must-have for any vehicle that travels off the beaten track.

With the Rhino4x4 9-Piece Recovery Kit, you'll have the necessary equipment to help in a recovery situation.

Our reliable and durable components ensure great performance, even in tough conditions.

Don't let the fear of getting your vehicle stuck stop you from enjoying off-road travels. Get the Rhino4x4 9-Piece Recovery Kit today for peace of mind.



In stock

  • 8,000 kg snatch strap
  • 12,000 kg tree trunk protector
  • 5,000 kg winch extension strap
  • 10,000 kg snatch block with storage bag
  • Heavy-duty damper with full-length velcro and internal pockets
  • 2x 4.75T rated bow shackles (Rhino4x4 Red)
  • Rapid tyre deflator/pressure gauge
  • Heavy-duty carry bag
  • Leather gloves
  • Shipping Weight 11 kg
    Shipping Dimensions 58 × 33 × 15 cm
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    I love the look of the red shackles! Where do I buy these from?

    The Rhino 4x4 signature red shackles are sold through our website and store, or you can also purchase them through one of our accredited resellers!