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We take the time to understand gaps in the market and are always listening to what our customers are saying. Our team members are innovators at heart. All of our products are visually pleasing, with our signature curvy lines giving products a premium aesthetic.

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Our goal is to establish an excellent partnership with our stockists, resellers and installers. Rhino continuously seeks ouT new stockists who are passionate about supporting 4×4 and outdoor accessories

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Here at Rhino we value our stockists and resellers. We guarantee that they each have their own designated territory, and refrain from adding potential competition in their area. We know the challenges of competing in a saturated market and aim to maintain the exclusivity of our products. This way, you can focus on more important matters. All profits from sales made within your specified region will be allocated to you, regardless of the seller.

What to expect

We strive to build great relationships with our resellers and installers. Rhino 4×4 is always on the lookout for new resellers and installers who love supporting stand out 4×4 vehicle protection products. Reach out to us by providing your details below and we’ll be in touch to discuss your request.

We provide you with
your own area

We value our resellers and installers. We ensure they have their own territory to cover, and we never add new resellers or installers to that area. We know that it’s difficult competing with a product that is flooded in the marketplace. We ensure our products are exclusive and therefore you can focus on the more important things. Margins on all sales in your nominated area, regardless of who makes the sale, will go to you.

Improve your cash flow

We receive payment via the website before an install. We then send the product to you free of charge to supply or install for the customer. Once confirmation of completion is supplied, we pay your margin and install fee directly into your nominated account.

Stand out from the crowd

Rhino 4×4 is not your average 4×4 vehicle protection business. Born through pioneering design by engineers and industrial designers who expect more than just function and fit. Our team continues to innovate and are always working on additional vehicle accessories that support an active and adventurous lifestyle. We are confident that by partnering with us you will be at the forefront of new designs that will excite your market.

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